The Bookclub – January

So yes, it’s The Bookclub again! I have to confess I wasn’t that anxious to write about books… I own another blog in portuguese only about books and I’m currently having a sort of metamorphosis there – new  categories, a diferent way to post.. I’ve been really trying to run away from books itself since I want to re-start. So I’m just going to recommend 3 books,share my rating and say 1/2 lines of each one. Not a big talk I know!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetThe TeenVogue Handbook – 4stars

If you love fashion…Totally worth your money. I really enjoyed reading,  they picked up some really cool and inspiring interviews.

If you could see me now, Cecelia Ahern – 5stars

Want a good love story, not cheesy or lame-ish? Read all Ahern books but specially this one. Her love stories are all so great and kind of realistic, not the crappy type.

Elective Affinities, Goethe – 4 stars

I do like to read some classic from time to time and I definitely recommend this one – it’s short (I can’t be the only one thinking classics = huge books) and has such a melancholic and romantic story… One of my favourites

What I’ve been reading though… Are blog posts. A lot. I had so many posts to read on my bloglovin’ queue that it was starting to be quite insane to coordinate everything. Right now, I still have more than 300posts but still it’s so much better than it was in December (trust me, it is).

10 Blogging Myths

How to quit being your own worst enemy

5 ways to save money on 2015

The little things I ‘ve done that changed my life


Hello everyone, Luis here and for this year my reading goal is to finish the Harry potter saga (yes, i’m reading it just now, calm down calm down) and to start buying my next saga (probably the Wizards first rule saga), me and Angela will also continue our next cooperative collection (currently the Harry potter saga). I don’t know which books we will buy together but it’s either a saga or some random huge book that’s on Ângela’s mind. 

cya next time cheers!

 10922011_10203284692107284_1973347370_nControversy time: Charlotte is better than Emily. Brontë, I mean. I know, I know, how can I say that? ( Typical me, getting in a fight not because of actual problems, but rather over literature, of all things.) I stand my ground, though: Charlotte is most definitely better than Emily, and if you still think “Wuthering Heights” is the epitome of the 1847’s gothic novel, then, my darling, I can only say that you have not read “Jane Eyre”!
Okay now, all joking aside: “Wuthering Heights” is a great novel, currently regarded as superior to its counterpart. It is dark, passionate and heavy. It’s even a good critique of Victorian values. But one thing it is not – it’s not “Jane Eyre”. Charlotte’s lightweight, yet substantial writing flows naturally and effortlessly from humor, to terror, to romance. All topics fit in this book because it’s a book about life – Jane’s life, of course, but then again, what a full life she led! It’s wonderful to go with her in her adventures, as she matures from a love-craving child into a full-blown assertive adult. This work is much more realistic and far less romanticized than Emily’s – not the mention Charlotte was a pioneer in women’s emancipation, if there ever was one.
And, then again, maybe it’s one of those things… Jane is a main character I identify with. It’s inspiring to see her work out her problems and, perhaps, find some way in which I can work out my own. She’s admirable and, yet, she’s still just another person – one of the best written characters I have ever come across. I hope you too, can pay her a visit. “I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.

What are you guys going to read on January?


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