Lookback to 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHello guys, welcome back to another one of my posts! Luis is here and today I will tell you about my 2014 (YES I KNOW THAT WE ARE 8 DAYS INTO 2015 JUST GO WITH THE FLOW).


So last year was a really crazy period; I finally beat math and therefore I made it into college (I needed the math exam to get in), Ângela also wrote her book and as one of her biggest supporters and fanboy I was there to help her a lot of the times by reading and giving some ideas, which was amazing because I was never a big reader before all of this.


I also started participating in a voluntary association and visited some animal shelters along the way, met a lot of cool people and nice friends in the meantime! dgdffAlso, somewhere along the middle of the year one friend of mine introduced me to his college friends and all I have to say about this is that it is AWESOME. I feel like I did my own group of friends and I couldn’t ask for better when it comes to friendship, we all like each others and have a lot of fun together. And of course without forgetting Ângela, I got in touch with her a lot more and learned a lot about her and myself (apperantly we make a really good cooking duo!).

And for last (but not least!)I finally got some vacations like REAL vacations: I went an entire week to Albufeira, a really nice city next to the beach where its super calm during the day but one of the biggest parties I ever seen at night. I loved it and i definetly want to go there again.

Well this was some of my 2014, hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did, cya!


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