My 2015 wishes

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During 2014 I wrote on little post its the best moments of the year and didn’t read them… until 31th December. It was such a good experience to read them and remember good moments but also to accept my failures during the year. Those good moments at that time might not be that brilliant now but it’s okay and we should just embrace it.

New year new me here again. I decided that the first post of 2015 should be about observation, meditation and reflection.

2014 was a huge year for me, like seriously huge. I published my first book, I finaly started to understand how college routine works, me and Luís celebrated 1year of dating (now it’s 1year and a half), I created Paint Me Yellow, said goodbye to a couple of ‘friends’… It was a stressful year (just like 2013) and what I want the most is peace during 2015. Peace with my inner self, with my friends and family, with my work as a voluntary… I know I’ll panic during the year but my main goal is really to stop these panic attacks when I feel everything is wrong and I will fail because I’m destined to.

So this year, instead of pushing myself too hard, I decided to pick only 15 wishes (corresponding to 15years since 2000 started!). 15 simple wishes because the best things in life are the simple ones.

fghndfgh xfdgxoxo



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