Christmas Feels – The Eggnog

Hello, everyone!

Since tomorrow is already Christmas Eve, my mom and I decided to try out something sweet… She was really interested in having some eggnog this year (that’s what you get from watching too many american TV shows!) and we looked through a few recipes online, but it turned out we have a very similar recipe in Portugal, called “gemada“. So when it came down to it, she decided she’d rather make up the recipe herself.


Here’s what she came up with!

Ingredients (for 6 servings):

– 2 eggs

– 300 ml of milk

– 30g of sugar (but you can cut back a little, it was a bit too sweet for me!)

– chocolate rasps and lime zest (optional, but far too tasty to pass up!)



1. Warm up the milk (we used the stove, but you can do it using a microwave as well).

2. Separate the egg yolks from the whites.

3. Beat the egg whites until its texture is fluffy!

4. Add to the whites the yolks and the sugar, then beat the mixture some more.

5. Add the warm milk and beat again, until the mixture is nice and even.

6. Decorate with chocolate and lime zest.

7. Serve it in Christmas-themed cups and enjoy it!

The eggnog turned out delicious! It was a tiny bit too sweet, but the lime zest combined with the chocolate really made it taste very unique and fresh! Make sure the milk is very warm when you add it, and you’ll have a drink perfect to cuddle with in these cold days!

?????????? ??????????

As a bonus, here are a couple of pictures of our Christmas decorations!

?????????? ??????????

Hope this post has helped you get into the Christmas spirit, because that’s what it did for me!

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas and stay awesome,




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