Christmas Feels – The DIY presents

Hello everyone! So today I was thinking about what I should post today and I realized I didn’t had any post about christmas presents made at home. I’m a very DIY person, gotta confess that – normally, before buying accessories, I try to understand how they are made of and think if I would be able to do a similar one at home or not. That’s just how cheapskate I am. Despite loving my family and wanting them to be glad and happy about the gifs they’ll recieve, I also want to spare money and this year I’ll only offer DIY presents. This is also a great idea for people who lost track of time and now don’t have time to buy them or don’t want to go to those ridiculously busy shops – why not buying the materials and doing on your own?

The pictures I’ll show are just a few ideias! The blue box is for my parents, the painting too, the wooden box is for my grandma… As you can see, everyone will recieve a DIY present and there’s nothing wrong about that – probably you’ll show more love at making presents instead of buying them.

IMG_20141217_120758 IMG_20141217_120810

IMG_20141217_121247 IMG_20141217_120950  IMG_20141217_123134IMG_20141217_130405

I hope you guys like these ideias!

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