3 Movies you should really watch #1

74I picked the movie Godzilla (the new one) to review, so lets get to it right away!
Godzilla is a great movie if you are a fan of giant fighting monsters, great visuals and effects and very good acting and scripts. However, it is not a movie for impatient people, sometimes the action goes slow (assuming that you are watching this movie to see a lizard fighting) most of the time you will see scientists running scared and in panic BUT there are also fights! with moments that will make you burst of adrenaline and…hum..joy! (i wont spoil why so you better watch ;))
this was my review, it is not great but hey, im not a very good writer either way.

Cloud Atlas is a long movie, but definitely worth the time. It captures several different life stories from different times, but that are somehow intertwined. The fact that the same actors play different characters is also amazing, considering how well they are characterized, to the point where you barely even notice it. The beauty of this film really hits you, as you realize how humanity is so profoundly tied together. An overall beautiful piece of art.

To this post, I decided I had to talk about one of my favourite movies – Anna Karenina. The story isn’t a new one since everyone has already heard about Tolstoi. The latest adaptation is really good. It does look very realistic and Keira Knightley made a marvellous work showing all Karenina’s emotions. If you like historic movies, this one is totally recommendable. Don’t forget to listen to the soundtrack! Breathless.


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