How to: Simple rope braid

Hello, painters!

I apologize for not posting on tuesday, but there’s a bonus today to make up for that!

This is a tutorial for how to do a very simple and discrete rope braid, for those days when you feel like doing something a bit different with your hair. I decided to do a video instead of a photo sequence, because it’s easier for both you and me (since taking pictures while doing my own hair requires some kind of superpower I have not yet mastered).

So let’s get to it!

1. You start by taking two strands of hair from wherever you want to start your braid.

2. Then, you twist them, so that one is over the other.

3. Next, you add an extra strand of hair to the lower one.

4. You twist them again.

5. Just keep repeating that process!

6. Pin back the last strand you are holding.

7. Look at yourself in the mirror and think “wow, I look cute”!

And that’s all! Don’t forget to tell us how your braids turned out in the comments!

Stay awesome,


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