A Healthy Guide


Hello everyone, Luís here and today we will talk about being fit. First things first despite some people thinking that there is no point in being fit because ‘’we’re all gonna die’’…they are wrong. Being fit isn’t about being immortal but about having life quality; with this said,some of you may actually be interested in some tips and tricks to have a healthier lifestyle and I’m here to help you!

First let’s talk about food. There are a lot of healthy and delicious diets and the best in my opinion is the ‘’totally balanced meals’’ (I just made that up). This is the diet that everyone should have and no, you are not supposed to stop eating. That is BAD for you so PLEASE don’t do it. When I say ‘’balenced’’ iImean that your meals should have a bit of everything in them: proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbs, etc…The human body needs all of these nutrients so it’s not really a good idea to prive ourselves from them.
A normal balanced meal should be something like a steak, rice, salad with a lot of vegetables, fruit and water; notice how there is only ONE font of nutrients like the steak giving proteins and the
rice giving the carbs, this is what we should do, we shouldn’t repeat fonts of a certain nutrient (rice+potatoes for exemple or a lot of different meat). You can also cut on the salt, sugar and red meat; instead try to use more aromatic herbs and light meat and avoid soda and sweets.

Personally I stoped drinking soda and started drinking water, I also stoped eating fast food (pizza and burguers mostly) and started eating ‘’healthier’’ fast food like Subway where you can shove a ton of vegetables in your sandwich. In addition to that I also started doing some exercise with Ângela, not with the goal of having muscles but to try being a bit more active since most of my time is spent in front of a pc.
Doing a small circuit running is amazing to stay fit and healthy and in addition to that you can also do push ups and other house exercices for those rainy/cold days (mostly what I have been doing also). This is pretty much all i had to say, sorry for posting a day late, finals week is upon me and I hope that you enjoyed the post. You can also tweet this post and share it on facebook to help the blog grow (self promotion at it’s finest). Stay awesome and cya next time!

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