A late Paint me Sunday – Comparing yourself with others


I wasn’t supposed to write about this – in fact, I wasn’t supposed to write at all. Sofia couldn’t post today (got a little distracted between e-mails and forgot to do it – no problem, she’ll post on Saturday!) but since I got the chance to post I really wanted to talk about something that has been disturbing me and that is comparing myself with others. And to myself. I don’t know if that’s even something possible or if it’s just me going nuts but sometimes I do something and think ‘Ângela wouldn’t do that. But I’m Ângela.’ – as if I had loads of diferent people inside of me. I always felt like I wasn’t just one person and that explains my phases (the hippie phase, the goth phase, even a kind of wannabe 90210 phase). Even though this is all past I still struggle to find my own identity and that reaches the pick when it comes to comparing myself with others. I just… forget that everyone else is human and they’re probably having the same thoughts that I have? Yes, I might be going nuts.

If you’re having the same problems, I’m going to share some short ideas that are important to keep in mind (and I should keep them too):

I.Please don’t forget everyone is human and everyone has its flaws.

II.You’re never alone – despite feeling it, you’re not.

III.Social media can leave you dreaming about a life you really want to have – don’t victimize and think of the pictures you see as an inspiring step for your own dream life.

IV. If you really can’t stop comparing yourself in social medias, log off and go for a walk or do something you enjoy.

V.Although you want to improve don’t regret saying ‘no’ or quitting. Just because someone finishes something and you don’t doesn’t mean you’re weaker.

VI.Make like goals for your life: socially, professionally, physically…And celebrate. Had a good grade? Celebrate. Made a new haircut? Celebrate. Life it’s basically a huge celebration, right?

VII. Enjoy the present, learn from the past and seek future (but not too much – things will happen eventually).

VIII. Stick with the people that make you feel loved. Don’t feel sorry for saying goodbye, you don’t want negativity in your life, everyone has a lot to deal with already.

IX. Don’t let no one bring you down – this might sound too cliché but seriously there is a diference between an opinion and a bad judgement.

X. Be strong. It will be hard but you’ll see it will be worth it in the end.

I hope this helped you and here are some cool links regarding the subject:

Jenny Purr – Things to remember when you’re feeling insecure

The Girl in the Bowler Hat – Comparing yourself via social media




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