Paint me Sunday – Dear Diary…

I haven’t written about what how I’ve been feeling for quite a while now – mainly because I don’t have time for that. But also because I wanted to make sure I was feeling the right thing (if that’s even possible). Despite the stressful month (November it’s always awful), I did make some efforts to make the show go on – this really sounds like Moulin Rouge. The blogs I run had posts although less frequently, I still made all my college works and tried to cooperate with the associations I work on. It was really hard, but not impossible.

November wasn’t the best month of the year. I had some personal problems with some friends and started judging myself – thinking that they could be right and that I was just not a good person. Thankfully, I’ve been trying to work on my confidence. Trying to be more open to talk about the fact that I’m a wannabe writer, to talk about my blogs, to take pictures and film myself… It’s a hard process but I’m getting there. Each day, I make a progress and Team Yellow is helping me on that, so thank you.

Now that November is ending, the best month of the year is coming – December. So excited for my birthday and Christmas! I always feel younger and braver during this month. Like I’m capable of accomplishing all my dreams and wishes. Definitely in need of the boost of energy.


This might seem weird but I definitely had to show you! Tezenis made a big sale here in Porto and I bought these babies for 10€ only. And yes, that’s a macaron bra.


Currently reading authors for college: Alexander Pope and Goethe. Kind of crazy the fact that I’m actually studying them.

IMG_20141130_143826Isn’t it the best agenda in the world? Dying to start using it.

“This year I will never be late.

ok,maybe once or twice”.

Have a great sunday!




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