Christmas Feels – Some thoughts over gifting from a guy

Hello everyone, Luís is here and today I will give you some suggestions in what to buy this christmas to give to someone. (normally this would be a male oriented post but keep in mind that everyone is different)

For starters let’s begin with video games; there are a lot of recent games from a lot of amazing franchises some of them are:

World of Warcraft: warlords of draenor, this is the new WoW expansion and a great present to anyone who plays the game (WoW requires monthly fees to play so keep in that if the person doesnt play it already then this is probably a bad present)

Assassin’s Creed: unity, new game but exclusive for ps4 so if the person doesnt own one don’t buy this10813980_761958063877841_746877988_o

Pokemon omega ruby/alpha sapphire if you are a pokemon fan then you will REALLY want to have this remake, it is however exclusive for the nintendo 3ds

Far Cry 4, this game is bound to give everyone a good time *looks at Angela*

Bundles. If you want to gift a console to someone then bundles are the perfect present! You can buy the console you want AND a game for lower prices

This is pretty much it for video games, now that we have that out of the way lets sumarize the rest of our options.


Books! Books are simply amazing, there are a lot of categories to suit our interests and provide an amazing time while reading them

Clothes. Clothes are,in my opinion, very boring. However they are undoubtly needed so they are a valid present, you can also stamp something in a shirt like a reference to something that the person enjoys like series/movies/games/comics/animes (yes a lot of choices)

These are just a few examples, a lot of you may be thinking ‘’But Luís I already knew about all of this’’ if that’s the case then congratulations! If not then I hope to have helped you a bit. Hope you guys enjoyed it either way! Cya.


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