The Playlist – November

Yes,it’s true, this is the first post of The Playlist and it’s already late, sorry guys! Despite the lateness I still decided to publish this post – mainly because I thought the musics are great and I shouldn’t ‘waste’ them and not share them with you. The Playlist is will appear 1x month and it’s a selection of musics from the Team Yellow. Let’s hear them!


Luís chose for November One Republic, Hania Lee and Blood Red Shoes – wise choices (you never go wrong with guitars or quiet/ambient voices, can you?)


Sofia can’t really talk about music without praising Gabrielle Aplin and I definately understand with! We still have a little touch of Bastille and Daughter.


I must confess I don’t have any favourite music to share with you for November,guys. October and November are being a total ‘musical change’ for me – everyday I’m learning and listening to new artists and songs. I just felt like I listening pretty much the same all these years? Either way, I totally loved Marian Hill, these Imagine Dragons song for League of Legends and lastly a bit of Ben Howard.

What about you guys? What have you been listening to?



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