Beauty DIY Tutorial: Newspaper Nails

Let’s be honest: you’re in need of a manicure. You really are. But you’re tired of always painting your nails the same old boring color. You really, really, really wanted to be original this time around. The problem is you lack the tools, the skills, the time… You name it! And while you do that, I’ll just name the perfect solution: newspaper nails. It’s easy, quick and cheap, not to mention it perfectly expresses your love of literature (because, come on, we all know you are a huge book nerd!). It’s also quite original – it’s not so common to see someone in daily life rocking this nail art, is it? I didn’t think so.

Now that I’ve swiftly convinced you, shall we get to it?


– One newspaper, cut into rectangles slightly bigger than each of your nails (so, 10 rectangles, and you can use the rest of the newspaper to lay over the table and protect it from any splatters);

– Light colored nail polish, for the bottom coat;

– Sheer nail polish, for the top coat;

– Rubbing alcohol;

– Cotton;

– Nail polish remover.


(1) If you usually do any sort of manicure before putting on your nail polish, go ahead and do it. If you are lazy, much like myself, you can skip that part and go straight into painting your nails with the light colored nail polish. I recommend two coats, depending on how light the nail polish is.

Let it dry completely.

(2) Take a small ball of cotton and pour some rubbing alcohol on it. Place one of your newspaper rectangles on the painted nail and press the cotton ball firmly over it, for about 10 seconds. Remove both the cotton and the newspaper carefully.

Other people prefer to dip the nail itself right in the alcohol and press the newspaper on it instead, but, personally, I think the first method will get you the best results.

(3) Repeat the process with the other nails. Always be careful when removing the newspaper, so that you don’t leave little pieces stuck in it. Allow the alcohol to evaporate entirely from your nails.

(4) Coat your nails with the sheer nail polish. Be careful so that the newspaper ink on them doesn’t smudge. Let it dry.

(5) Swab a little nail polish remover around your nails, with a new cotton ball, to clean any newspaper ink or nail polish that may have gotten astray from the actual nail.

And there you have it! An original, easy, quick and cheap manicure! What did you think? Tell us about your results in the comments! And stay awesome.


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