Paint me Sunday – How to strengthen your relationships


Due to some personal issues, I decided I should talk about this – about how you can make your relationships work better or at least try. We live in a busy world and unfortunately we normally end up with only a few friends (although they are the good ones) to care about since we can’t possibly worry about everyone we know. And this specially applies when you’re dating someone. I feel like there’s a life stage where relationships grow stronger and longer and while others are dating, some are just single and can’t cope with that issue that well (not that’s a bad issue, some people just want to be near someone).

1. Communicate in-person. It’s okay to send a message everyday just to ask if they’re okay but there’s nothing like a real face to face conversation.

2.No time for long meetings? Coffee breaks. They are my best friends I must confess. I don’t afford that much time to be with my friends so I try to lunch or have dinner with.

3.If something big is going to happen in your life, ask your friends if they are okay with it. It’s you own life but if they are true friends they are worried about you and would like to listen the big news.

4.People change. I know this might be kind of ‘so what’ but that’s the truth – people do change and grow and the best you can do is cope and respect that change of personality.

5.It’s okay to say goodbye. This is a sad thing to say but not all friendships and love stories are meant to be and if you force it will be worse – just say goodbye and keep the good memories of it,without any hate or regrets.


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