Who is Sofia and what is she doing here?

Hello, painters (I’m not sure if you go by that name around here, but you should, it’s a good name)! My name is Sofia and I’m a new contributor to this blog. You’ll be seeing me here every two weeks or so. Isn’t that exciting?

Well, maybe not to you, because you don’t know me. So let’s get to that, shall we?

I’m from a city slightly north of Porto, called Póvoa de Varzim. It’s by the ocean, so there’s a beach and some very pretty sights. I’m not exactly a beach person, but I do love some beautiful seaside views!

I’m also currently in college, but I’m studying Psychology. I’m the kind of person that has always – since I was about 9 or 10 years old, so I do mean always – known what they wanted to study. Being able to fulfill that dream is extremely rewarding, even though college is still hard!


There are a few passions in me that just won’t die: my love of literature, music and crafts. I’ve been a reader since a very young age (in recess in elementary school, I used to sit and read, I kid you not!) and have since developed a huge interest in poetry. I also play the guitar and sing in a choir, besides listening to music all the time. Right now, I’m into alternative rock, indie and folk.

And crafts – oh, crafts! My lovely land of DIY’s! I just can’t get enough! I mean, you get to create something that is unique, uncommon and your exact taste, all while you save money! Could it be any more perfect? For that reason, I’m more likely to write to you about books, perhaps music – but definitely crafts and DIY’s! So get ready for some tutorials, painters!

I’m a big friend of Ângela’s and I also share a volunteering association with her. To be able to contribute to this other dream of hers and, with that, develop some of my own interests is a very exciting prospect! So, I hope that I can bring you some quality posts about fashion, crafts, literature and music and that my participation here also leads me to a bigger interest in beauty (which is an area that I usually just don’t care that much about).

I’m so enthusiastic about this and I hope you can be too, now that you know a little bit more about me!


Stay awesome.



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