Autumn Wishlist #1


There are days where you just want everything. These days… well these days can be seaons. Here’s a inspiration board of what I’m currently craving the most.

a)Let’s just say that I completely loved this ‘I am Not a Morning Person’, although I am. I just… I’m a morning person but a bed lover, get it?(

b)Yes, it’s a t-shirt with Marina and the Diamonds and Lana Del Rey. No, I don’t know why I still haven’t bought it. (

c)I definately feel like this bag was made for a bookworm like me. (

d)My wardrobe won’t be complete until I buy a black  leather jacket. Won’t finish autumn without one. This one is from Zara Portugal.

e) & f) & g) Talking about black clothes, I so need these heels. I assume my irremediable love for black shoes… but these boots. They are casual yet not too much, the heel is quite low and they go well with pretty much everything. Also the bags are perfect even for different occasions. All these items are from Zara Portugal

h)I don’t know why but I can’t find any Vogue Portugal being sold at stationary places? I’ve looked everywhere and I’m quite unhappy about it. Maybe I’m just a bit blind?

i)Lastly, I’m dying to try the acne lotion from La Roche Possay named Effaclar Duo +. It is used to attenuate some of the acne scars and reduce some severe skin imperfections. (

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