3 skincare steps – for beginners


I decided I would talk about beauty – mainly because I don’t enjoy it as I should. Especially skincare. I always thought that a skincare routine was very inpractical and never got used of doing certain steps. This is quite terrifying to admit but I only started a routine 2 years ago so if you feel like you’re late, trust me you’re not.

Cleanse- The most basic one, so important and essential. I cleanse both morning and night, although I normally use stronger products at night. It doesn’t really matter the products you should use, it’s more about what suits you best. The market is huge in terms of cleanse products. You can go from wipes to gel. If you’re using make-up during the day, you should cleanse in the evening as well since your skin might get oily.

Tone- Well tone is a confusing step if you’re not into the skincare life (such life wow). There are different types of toners, depending in what your skin needs. An exfoliating toner usually comes in AHA or BHA form – BHA is best for anyone struggling with breakouts or acne, and AHAs are perfect if you have any scarring or just crave brighter skin. I regurally use an exfoliating toner with a BHA formula and yes it does make miracles, I can see the difference when I use it or not. Hydrating toners are the traditional kind that leave the skin fresh, they are lighter and the recommendable ones for dry skins.

Moisturise- To some, this might be useless but in case you don’t know, the less hydrated your skin is, the more it gets oily. So yeah this step is crucial. You can use a moisturizer a little lighter for the day and then something more nourishing for the night.

There are also lots of extras you can add to your routine – acne lotions, masks… Skincare is a very subjective theme. The best you can do is follow this steps and search products and once you find the ones, keep them and have a stable routine.



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