Paint me Sunday – When it’s just too much

IMG_20141019_110434Sometimes I feel like life it’s just too much. Too many dreams, too much grief, too many worries. I can’t help feeling like I should have less hopes – it’s not like I have that much time to make all my dreams come true. 2014 is almost ending and I pratically didn’t even looked to my 2014 wishes – didn’t had time to breathe. When I’m not at college, I’m studying or working on my voluntary associations, I’ll be trying to give a little bit of attention to the people I cherish. So dreams like learning frenchIMG_20141015_130237 or how to play the piano are completely forgotten and sometimes I feel like I was defeated by life.

Despite all this negativity, I know I’m doing the best I can and that’s really rewarding. I’ve started watching series that I stopped long ago, Spotify has become my best friend and I’m listening to new artists (seriously, this is a win for me). Paint Me Yellow arrived and it makes my heart so warm when I think at least this dream did came true.

I guess there are days where you just wish you weren’t just a person, you know? To answer all the requests from my mind, I would need 3Ângelas, minimum. The best I can do for now is to hope that I’ll get used to this feeling.

During this week, I did:

1) Appear on TV talking about my book;

2)Eat macarons as a gift for actually talking on TV;

3)Go for the first time to the poetry club of my faculty;

4)Enjoy my city.

Have a great sunday, xx


IMG_20141018_152352 10347486_272363776221101_8216549140897965751_n

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