Paint me Sunday – Learning to accept myself


Hello everyone. Today will be a very relaxing day. I usually spend Sunday at home, studying and organizing my week. Might not seem fun but I really like doing it – I really stress out when I’m not organized, especially when it comes to college.

This week I thought a lot and finally resolved a few puzzles I had in my mind. So yeah, it was a pretty good week, where I could study properly, attend on a game/anime event and think about myself. I figured it out that:

1)There’s no problem in admiting that you like studying,even though it’s a hard subject.

2)Being the last one stading might not be the most triumphant moment.

3)It’s okay to give up and that doesn’t make you someone weak, just human.

4)I don’t need to feel guilty for spending loads of time with my boyfriend, as long as I give attention to my friends as well. Every relationship has it’s own story and future and it’s fine to feel so much happiness when I think about my future with him.

I hope you guys have a great sunday.



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