What is Emma Watson doing


I felt like I needed to talk about this video. In case you might never say it, I’ll explain it: Emma is a feminist and is defending her beliefs. The most amazing thing on this speech is the fact that she doesn’t defend women only. She defends men. She truly believes that men are also mistreated and not respect. That they should have the right to cry, to show their feelings, to be human. And you know what? This is what bothers me and what makes me stay awake for too many hours. We say this is a man world but not even men have their rights. So whose world is this?

The only thing I would change about this movement is its name – Feminism. Maybe Humanism? Who knows? Right now the only thing that really matters is that we need to change. The change must be now. We need to respect each other, it’s becoming more and more important. This is not a man world or a woman world. It’s a humam world that should live in harmony with nature.

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