Who am I and what’s Paint Me Yellow

Hello everyone! I decided that I should introduce myself by giving you 40random facts about me – I thought it would be far more interesting instead of just random talk. Let’s start it then ~

1.My name is Ângela Catarina and even though names shouldn’t be translated, my name translated would be Angela Catherine.

2.I was born in 20.12.1995, 4 days before Christmas and I was supposed to born in 24th December.

3.My mother is from south of Portugal and my dad is from the north. Guess where they met – in  New York.

4.I was also supposed to born in New York but my grandfather got deathly ill and my parents had to leave the USA.

5.Even though I’m from Portugal and it’s a southern country, I’m so pale.

6. My favourite color is yellow and I never used yellow because I don’t want to get tired of it and start hating it.

7.I used to love pink and what happened? I started hating it.

8.My luck number is 4 and I’m a even number girl.

9.I have 2 sisters and 1 brother – and I’m the youngest.

10.Reading and writing are my only true passion,really.

11. When I was younger, I used to pick up books and laugh at them (don’t ask why).

12.My parents gave me my first diary when I was 9years old – they told me that my writing was better than the average kids and they wanted me to develop more.

13.I have some really bad stomach issues – when I’m nervous, I start having lots of pain and I won’t be able to eat even though I want it. It’s really stressful and it has changed my life.

14.History and Portuguese Literature were my favourite subjects at school.

14. Yes, I was terrible at P.E.

15. Although I really enjoy playing badminton and running.

16.I have a big love (bigger than it should) for bows – I own a big collection of bows.

17.I also love candles and I should stop buying them or else I’ll burn the house.

18. My mom is a cook and I enjoy cooking thanks to her.

19.I have family in Portugal,Brazil,England, France and in the USA.

20. I’m a cheese girl. Forever hating ham (except in pizza of course).

21.Learning deutsch is being far harder than I thought it would be.

22. I have a crazy obsession with Japan – it is one of my dream countries and I wish I could live there.

23. I also dream about the northern european countries.

24. And Great Britain. God save our queen.

25.I speak portuguese, spanish, english and a little bit of deutsch. I want to learn french and japanese.

26. I work in an association that helps children that have cancer. It’s a heartbreaking yet rewarding job.

27. To add, I’m the president of another voluntary association that wants to help every kind of misfortune.

28.I hate tea, forever coffee girl.

29.My degree is being way harder than I thought it would be.

30.Sometimes I feel like college isn’t my ‘job salvation’.

31. I appreciate art and I’m always trying to learn more.

32.I should stop buying stationary.

33. And also books.

34.I listen to hipster music that no one else expect me and spotify know.

35. I don’t have many friends but that’s okay.

36. I date the same guy for about 1year and 3months. He’s my best friend and boyfriend.

37.I want to be vegetarian but I simply can’t find the courage to – instead, I won’t eat rabbit or duck meat and I scarcely eat cow meat. I love fish though.

38. I’m allergic to lactose, strawberries,dust, animal fur and a bunch of other things.

39.I’m too self-conscious and I’m trying to love myself more.

40. Paint me yellow is a dream that is becoming true.





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